How to be a great RTO manager

5 Aspects of Leadership that Good RTO Managers Focus On

Trying to be a good RTO manager is often a nightmare. Few jobs require the ability to juggle issues to the extent that you do – so much so, you probably feel like you should run off and join a circus. Below are some aspects of leadership to consider that will make you a better juggler.

  1. Not seeing the forest for the trees – sometimes. This saying is a two-edged sword. Yes, of course it is important to look at the big picture. But some RTO managers focus on the big picture too much, and let small but important things slide. To be successful, you have to have an eye for detail. When you need to ‘put out fires’ and you are time poor, it is important to ascertain which fires need to be extinguished more urgently than others.
  2. Delegation. RTO managers that get involved in minutiae end up spending 12 hours a day or more at work. You need to let go of some control – for the sake of your sanity and the sanity of everyone around you.
  3. Sustainable Solutions. Going for a quick fix is almost always the wrong option. Quick is rarely the best. There maybe some short term discomfort while a slower option is being implemented, but taking this pathway usually leads to greater long term benefits.
  4. The NIKE Mentality. ‘Just Do It’ – or some people add an expletive – is a variation on ‘my way or the highway.’ Some RTO managers get a little carried away with self-importance at times. But then you start to believe that you are ALWAYS RIGHT, and this is a pathway to destruction. Great leaders always listen and are open to other ways of thinking.
  5. Communication. Yes, you are busy. But if you don’t make yourself available to staff and students, you will be viewed as non-communicative – a reputation that will lead to people not letting you know things that they should be telling you about. Then when you do need to communicate something important, there will be a disconnect between you and the listener.