Auditing and Compliance

  • Do you have an ASQA audit coming up and want to ensure that your RTO has complied with all the Standards?
  • Do you need to conduct an internal audit to keep yourself on track and ensure all compliance gaps are sorted out?

RTO Auditing and Compliance 2015 StandardsAt NUA Horizons, we can identify if your RTO is compliant with the 2015 Standards. We can conduct an on-site internal audit and prepare a compliance report that outlines any non-compliances and recommendations for addressing them. We are also happy to tailor-make an auditing schedule that suits your needs and budget.

Off-site mini-audits
If you have one specific area that you are worried about and want checked, NUA Horizons can offer a mini-audit. As this is done off-site, there is no disruption to your staff. You are guaranteed to get a quick reply at a much-reduced cost.

Handbooks and Templates
The following are available for purchase:

  • Student Handbook
  • Staff Handbook
  • Administration templates
  • Policy and Procedure templates
  • Training and assessment templates
  • Quality and continuous improvement templates

Peace of mind

  • No RTO wants to be found non-compliant and risk getting fines, or worse.
  • NUA Horizons can ensure that this never happens to you.