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The QCAA regularly puts out updates on the VET sector. The latest VET Update Newsletter can be found at


Here is a summary:

Regulatory Risk Framework

In April this year, ASQA released a new Regulatory Risk Framework.

It can be found at


It is an attempt by ASQA to ensure VET sector quality through effective regulation – both of providers and courses.

ASQA states that its regulatory approach is risk-based. This means that ASQA’s goal is to aim its resources at the areas that pose the greatest threats  to training outcomes, while at the same time minimising regulatory burdens.

The Framework is meant to allow them to respond in a proportionate and effective way, using data and intelligence to inform judgements. Their interventions are meant to promote compliance and improve confidence in the sector.

Quality Indicators

School RTOs must report annually to the QCAA  about their quality indicators. The deadline for this year is 30 June, 2016. You will need to contact QCAA if you did not receive the email about this on April 22.

Transition Timeline Extension

Recently, a number of training packages have been revised. To give support to RTOs in implementing revised programs, the Australian government has temporarily changed the period allowed to transition students to 18 months. The RTO 2015 Standards state that this period is 12 months.

However, this only applies to training products endorsed between September 2015 and March 2016.

VET marketing

All applications to change scope of registration that were received by April 18 will be processed as quickly as possible, to allow RTOs to market qualifications added to scope for 2017. RTOs must remember that they can only market courses and publish promotional materials for qualifications that are on scope.

USI check

All VET students must have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). Every RTO must have policies and procedures in place to support and verify USIs. School RTOs must report their USI data to the SDCS using SLIMS, as per instructions published on the QCAA website at: www.qcaa.qld.edu.au/senior/slims.